Who is Sabrina? 

Sabrina was born in Long Island, NY. From an early age Sabrina knew that entertainment was a calling she could not ignore. Her Sicilian background helped nurture her talents for singing and acting by creating a pathway and platform at family functions to let her talent shine.

As Sabrina matured, she ran her family’s Italian restaurants and with the encouragement of her mother, she set out to New York City and started vocal lessons with top Vocal coach to the Stars, Don Lawrence. It was there that Sabrina was able to free herself and venture out and explore how strong her talent was. 

Sabrina’s Passion and talent for music were quickly recognized and she soon created and released two hit singles. One of her majorly successful singles was “Keep Moving On,” which was produced by World Famous DJ Louie DeVito.  Sabrina also had continued success with her single “Complicated,” Which was released by JUNO Records.

She continued to crave more and see where else she could apply her talent. Sabrina was approached by a family friend to enter “The Miss. New York Pageant”. It was from there Sabrina would go on to enter and Win many pageants, including Miss. Italia, Miss. Bikini Georgia, and Miss. Bikini New York.

While continuing to pursue music, she always felt a calling to act. Sabrina then expanded herself into the acting world and has never looked back. Her love for comedy and the ability to make people laugh is one of her greatest passions. Sabrina was able to study at the Upright Citizens Brigade and become one of their standout comediennes. Sabrina soon found herself landing roles in the horror “GeoKilling,” the Dramedy “The Productive Lie” and the lead of the music video “Love is Love” to name a few.

Sabrina has always maintained her value of healthy living and has been helping educate people on healthy life style choices.  She continues to use her TV personality and Hosting experience for NFL segments “Rollin’ With Coleman,” and as the NY Correspondent for Mayhem Entertainment, to help reach people and inform them on healthy habits and easy cooking ideas. Sabrina and her retired NFL player husband Erik Coleman were featured in “Dead Spin Magazine” as the Stars of the Best Seller “Athletes Among Us.”  Sabrina and Erik’s Photo quickly went viral and caught the attention of many Celebrity Websites.

Sabrina continues to push herself and her talents in hopes of entertaining the world.


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